Skanska Smarta hem — User Experience

At Tenco, we designed a plan to evaluate the customer experience of Skanska Smart homes. We organised creative workshops including Skanska, their suppliers, and the end users. We even set up residential units in Stockholm and Gothenburg for real-life usability testing! Scenarios were made relatable to people and we designed and combined methods and testing materials such as online surveys and physical user diaries. We were aiming for the inside scoop on what users really wanted now and in the future, helping Skanska pick the best suppliers and products for their Smart Homes.

Smart Collaborations

By putting the user experience front and centre, Skanska made their Smart Homes even smarter! They made sure the technology seamlessly blends into residents’ lives and meets their expectations. The collaboration between Tenco, Skanska, suppliers, and end users was the key to creating homes that truly catered to their needs. It’s all about making people happy and in control of their smart, comfortable homes!


By prioritising the user experience and co-creating with Tenco, Skanska, suppliers, and end users, we achieved something truly remarkable. Skanska created tailored and satisfying smart home solutions that exceeded residents’ expectations. It’s all about making life easier and more enjoyable for the people who call Skanska Smart Homes their own. Together, we’ve made technology an integral part of their daily lives in the most seamless and delightful way possible.


Tenco was founded in 2008 by Magnus Nilsson and Adriana Azinovic after 10 years of experience in big corporations. They observed the friction that technology could cause if not applied well. So Tenco's focus was to eliminate just that and to design better flow in organisations. The spotlight is always on people’s needs and creativity, which leads to greater impact for business.

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