Region Skåne — Innovation and technology

Tenco has been a solid partner for Region Skåne, helping them navigate through change, foster innovation, and embrace digitalization. Our awesome team of consultants has been instrumental in establishing new processes for app development, mobile enterprise management, and implementing new ways of working across hospitals and primary care facilities.

Healthcare Lab

Guess what? We came up with and executed on this idea we did for Region Skåne—a fantastic healthcare innovation lab! This lab consists of seven different hospital wards, all housed in the Medicon Village in Lund. Here, we’ve created a space where we can simulate healthcare processes, test the integration of new and old technology, and most importantly, collaborate with staff and patients on hospital projects. We believe in teamwork, bringing patients and caregivers together to identify areas for improvement and spark creative discussions for change.

The results are in

By involving patients alongside healthcare professionals, our lab offers invaluable insights into the patient journey. It’s all about having open and transparent conversations, deepening our understanding, and driving positive change. Tenco’s healthcare lab is a hub of innovation, inspiring continuous improvement and paving the way for patient-centred care. Together, we’re shaping the future of healthcare, making it more patient-friendly and amazing.

We accomplished setting up a physical Healthcare Innovation Lab, driving change forward and revealed hidden challenges with unsynchronised healthcare processes. using design thinking and design methodologies.


Tenco was founded in 2008 by Magnus Nilsson and Adriana Azinovic after 10 years of experience in big corporations. They observed the friction that technology could cause if not applied well. So Tenco's focus was to eliminate just that and to design better flow in organisations. The spotlight is always on people’s needs and creativity, which leads to greater impact for business.

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