Visit Skåne — Sustainable Events

Tenco took charge of leading the innovation process to make events in Skåne more sustainable and eco-friendly. We teamed up with some big-name events like Malmö Pride, Eskilscupen, Skånes Matfestival, Pärans dag, and European Speedrunners Assembly. As always we rolled up our sleeves together with the event management, Visit Skåne project team, and sustainability experts and got creative.

Getting started

We kicked things off by conducting usability tests that shed light on the need for a stronger focus on sustainability when planning events. Tenco carefully examined the planning processes of each event and came up with a concept to seamlessly integrate sustainable practices. We saw an opportunity to strengthen relationships with municipalities, participants, and suppliers by using the event ecosystem as a catalyst for change and innovation.

The grand result

And here’s the exciting part—the outcome! Through engaging brainstorming sessions, we sparked a visual and innovative approach to event management. We developed scenarios and prototypes that demonstrated the power of innovation triggers and visual ecosystems. These tools highlighted the importance of sharing environmentally friendly practices, social responsibility, and meaningful stakeholder engagement. The brilliant ideas generated during these sessions have been incorporated into the current event planning process and will be brought to life in the upcoming events. Together, we’re making these events a shining example of sustainability and impact. Get ready for some truly memorable and planet-friendly experiences!


Tenco was founded in 2008 by Magnus Nilsson and Adriana Azinovic after 10 years of experience in big corporations. They observed the friction that technology could cause if not applied well. So Tenco's focus was to eliminate just that and to design better flow in organisations. The spotlight is always on people’s needs and creativity, which leads to greater impact for business.

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